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Why was Flappy Bird so popular?

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Why was Flappy Bird so popular?

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ve heard all about Dong Nguyen’s viral mobile game, Flappy Bird. You’ve probably also heard that he took it down after it became “too addictive.” But why is it exactly that a simple game like Flappy Bird became so popular?

Critics like to gripe about games like Flappy Bird, saying that they aren’t even “games” at all. Whether you love it or hate it, Flappy Bird is a video game. Is it a good one? It’s arguable that it isn’t. However, a game doesn’t necessarily need to be good to still be fun and addictive, and Flappy Bird certainly is that.

After downloading Flappy Bird, I found myself playing it several times a day, usually while laying in bed or riding in the passenger’s seat of a car. It’s a great game to play when boredom strikes, and it’s not meant to be a great, groundbreaking video game. But just why did it become so popular? Because it was a simple game that anyone could play.

Mobile games are played by everyone, even people who don’t call themselves “gamers.” Remember when SongPop was the next big thing? Everyone and their mother was playing that game. Same with Angry Birds (games about birds seem to be trending in recent years), Temple Run, and others. These games are great time wasters; let’s face it: they’re great for toilet time. They’re also great distractions when you’re in a situation you don’t want to be in; like when your friend drags you to a party with a bunch of people you don’t know. You don’t need to be good at games to play Flappy Bird or Angry Birds; you just need to practice tapping on your screen. It doesn’t take a hardcore gamer to do that.

Obviously, mobile games and console/PC games are two totally different beasts. Most people who own video game consoles aren’t interested in playing Angry Birds (although obviously someone is since Rovio did release that game on console). However, people don’t buy smartphones to play games; it’s just a nice little bonus to be able to play quick, silly games on your phone.

I think that making mobile-like games on dedicated handhelds is just silly. The Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita are made for hardcore gamers. People who want to play Angry Birds are just going to play that on their phones.  However, there is definitely a market for games like Flappy Bird, and there is nothing wrong with that.

People who call themselves gamers can sometimes be some of the worst people on the planet. Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird, received tons of criticism on Twitter because people hated his game. If you don’t like the game, then don’t download it and play it. Simple as that. Leave Dong Nguyen alone! (And Phil Fish for that matter).

Do you enjoy mobile games? Personally, I’m a hardcore gamer, but I do enjoy mobile games when I’m trying to find a way to kill time. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Of flappy birds and happy days

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Moto G

Moto G

This year, in just under two months, the Internet has thrown up many new juggernauts. Lakshmi Krupa on all that’s making news now

If there’s one thing the social media has done, it is doing away with the difference between the ‘tech-savvy’ and the ‘not-so-tech savvy’. Just ask Facebook, the great leveller, which has been in the news for — among other things — the fact that more ‘old people’ are on it now than ever before. For even an admittedly tech illiterate person such as yours truly, 2014 has already thrown up many a surprise. The New Year has brought with it a whole new perspective on the power of the ‘viral’. Its ‘happy as sunshine’ side is almost too cute to handle (read as ‘100 Happy Days’ project) while a deadly drinking game, is almost making me want to quit social media sooner than later.

A gone goose

A while ago, I read this cryptic status message from someone on my timeline on Facebook. “’Describe your life in two words.’ ‘Flappy Bird’.” Soon I was reading stories and watching Youtube videos on how annoyingly simple and tough at the same time this game was. The story of Flappy Bird is, in a sense, the story of our times.

For the uninitiated, Flappy Bird is a mobile game that indie developer Dong Nguyen from Vietnam launched in 2013. With a vintage ‘Mario’ like look, the game requires you to move a bird forward without hitting the green pipes that dot its digital landscape. Sounds simple enough, but it is (was) a frustratingly tough game to play. And as games go, the simpler it seemed (deceptively so) the more addictive it was. And everywhere I went, I heard of this annoying bird! All was well and Flappy Birds seemed headed towards a happy ending that could earn Nguyen a lot of green when a tweet shook the world. “I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot take this anymore,” he announced on Twitter. It was shared more than 1.44 lakh times on the social media site. The developer explained that he created the game so that people could relax and was deleting it because people were getting addicted to it. At a time when every new technological business is looking for ways to keep people hooked to their gadgets, Nguyen’s move is at once bizarre and reassuring. Even as others say ‘there must be more to this than meets the eye’, I am happy enough with his explanation. Rumour has it that phones with the Flappy Bird game are now selling like hotcakes.

My new motto…

…is to not feel tempted into buying a phone while my old phone works perfectly fine. Well that does not seem like a motto that will last, what with Motorola and Flipkart going on an aggressively feel good campaign. What is so ‘feel good’ about it you ask? The new Moto G (cue jokes about the phone that commands our respect so much that we need to suffix a ‘ji’ to its name) available exclusively on Flipkart for Rs.12,499 (8GB) and Rs. 13,999 (16GB), sold several thousand units within hours of being launched. The 16GB version has been sold out and you can now pre-book it if you want to and get on a queue.

Reviews have been pouring in from all corners, and so far they all seem to say, paisa vasool! Apart from the pricing, what has drawn a lot of admiration for the phone has been its strong battery support. Now all of us with a smartphone know how annoying it is to have a phone that is constantly instructing us to connect the phone to a charger. (I also think we should all consider starting a change.org campaign asking Android phone companies to make polite phones that will say things like, ‘Kindly charge me’, ‘Please give me some food’. Honestly, ‘Connect your phone to a charger’ sounds like an instruction. We could all do with one less instruction in life. No?)

And the Oscar goes to…

Ok, admit it, you found that meme on Facebook that says “Thanks for sharing your Facebook movie. Here’s your (insert expletive) Oscar” hilarious even if you did share your movie. When Facebook turned 10 this year they decided to do something they do best. Make it seem like it’s all about us. Well it worked. The “movie” set to a soaring background score showcased snippets from our first post to most popular photos! While for some of us this was a lot of fun, there were also others who found the movie irrelevant. For instance, some photographer friends on my list complained about how their entire movie was about other ten married couples’ best moments. Ouch.

The most heartening thing to have come out of this entire affair is the story of John Berlin whose 21-year-old son died two years ago. He made a very emotional video requesting Facebook and Zuckerberg to let him see his son’s movie. Berlin had seen his as well as others’ movies in which his son’s photo popped up and then wanted to see his son’s movie! The video went viral and in no time Facebook had released his son’s ‘lookback’ movie.


From the heartening to the scary. A college student recently told me about this “insane” new game called neknomination. “A lot of my friends have been posting it. It’s just madness!” he said. The game requires you to down alcohol and attempt a dare, recording it all as a video. You then post the game online and name two people and then they each attempt the dare!

There have been four shocking reports of people dying while attempting the game. There has also been concern on underage drinking and here’s the worst part, its popularity has only been rising. Form underage drinking to threat to life, the game is symptomatic of how the Internet need not always advocate what’s best. Take it with a pinch of salt, and when it sounds ridiculous give it a miss. Here’s hoping the game morphs into something better, such as the South African and Canadian version where instead of performing risky tasks people are encouraged to perform a random act of kindness and post a video!

Oh happy days

We will end on a happy note of course. If you haven’t already heard, the 100 Happy Days Project challenges you to ask yourself if you can be happy for 100 days on a row. “We live in times when super-busy schedules have become something to boast about. While the speed of life increases, there is less and less time to enjoy the moment that you are in. The ability to appreciate the moment, the environment and yourself in it, isthe base for the bridge towards long term happiness of any human being. 71 per cent of people tried to complete this challenge, but failed quoting lack of time as the main reason. These people simply did not have time to be happy. Do you?” the website http://100happydays.com/ asks.

While you may wonder what happiness has to do with taking a picture and displaying it for all and sundry, it is still a fun project and will also tell you a little bit about yourself.

For instance, two days into the project I discovered that the thing that truly brings me joy almost always is good food. Bring on that Tiramisu.

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Missing Flappy Bird? Here are 5 alternatives to fill the void

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Missing Flappy Bird? Here are 5 alternatives to fill the void
Flappy Bird may be over but the game can go on for you
By Nishtha Kanal /  11 Feb 2014 , 12:39

Feeling the withdrawal symptoms hit you hard post Flappy Bird’s demise? The app was pulled off app stores after a whirlwind success story spanning over a few weeks, where the app became the number one free game in not just the iOS App Store but also the Google Play Store.


Flappy Bird was earning its Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen $50,000 a day but it was reportedly no consolation for his “peace and quiet”. Instead of riding the roller coaster of a successful game that could have followed the footsteps of Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds, Nguyen decided to chuck it all out and pulled out the game from stores.


Of course, this was not a good enough explanation for Flappy Bird fans who were distraught enough to even send out death threats to Nguyen. However, if you’re the kinds who are patiently waiting for something similar to come your way, fret not, since developers around the world have already come up with replacements of all kinds for the silly, impossible game.


Flappy Doge:

Wow. Mashing up the meme of the year and the game of the year can do you no harm. The flash game you can play on your PC has a Flappy Bird that has a Doge like face. Exactly like Flappy Bird, you need to guide the Doge-faced bird through pipes and make high scores. Fly your Shiba Inu faced Doge-Bird into a pipe and you’ll be told that the game is “Much Over”. We only wish the Doge would go “Wow” every time it scored.


The only issue with Flappy Doge is that handling the controls here are far more frustrating compared to Flappy Bird. Fun while it lasts and a must-see for Doge fans.




Flappy Bird Typing Tutor:

Oh, this game will get you good, it will really get you good. So you thought you were a maverick when it came to maneuvering the bird between pipes? This game will test your multitasking abilities to the hilt. It’s yet another game for the PC but you’ll see why.


The only way to maneuver the bird in Flappy Bird Typing Tutor is by typing out words that appear on the screen. However, the faster you type, the higher the bird flies and you need to adjust your speed according to the placement of the pipes. Type slowly if the pipe openings are too low and faster when the next one is high. By the end of the game you would have either mastered typing without looking at your keyboard, or may have smashed it completely.


If you thought Flappy Bird was evil, you haven't met Flappy Bird Typing Tutor

If you thought Flappy Bird was evil, you haven’t met Flappy Bird Typing Tutor


The game is available for Android and iOS both and sees you playing a superhero. You need to fly the character in between crate boxes, but again, this is easier said than done. Unlike Flappy Bird, where you need to tap on the screen to make the birdie fly, you need to hold onto the screen to have Ironpants soar. To make him descend enough to go between crates, you need to let go of the screen.


One could say the game is a tad more difficult than Flappy Bird, but it would be doing Ironpants a disservice. Download Ironpants for iOS and Android from the app stores.


Flappy is a superhero

Flappy is a superhero

Amazing Cupid:

This silly game is available for Android and it gives off a mild feeling of a Flappy Bird being a wise-guy. The premise is exactly the same as Flappy Bird, you need to have a cupid run between pillars without touching it. The only difference between the games is that Flappy Bird ensured you’re not distracted, except for an occasional banner ad, Amazing Cupid will make sure you are distracted, with the funnies speech bubbles, throughout your turn.


If you fail and fall, the game will tell you things like “No wonder you’re lonely.” During an intense game, the cupid will inform you that Amazing Cupid was inspired by Flappy Bird, but on steroids. You might just want to leave the game alone and read the funny one liners. Download Amazing Cupid for Android.


Pretty funny!

Pretty funny!


If you’ve played Jetpack Joyride in the past and have loved it, this game is for you. Unlike Flappy Bird, you do not die if you touch anything here and there’s not just one type of obstacle in Badland. While you had to dodge pipes, you have to dodge multiple obstacles like falling stones, windmills and more. The challenge here is not to be pushed down by the obstacle since it’s a sidescrolling game. If you lose the screen, you lose the game.


That aside, Badland is possibly the best replacement for Flappy Bird you might get. The game is over 150MB in size, but worth it since it has some stunning graphics. You play a bird, which in the atmospheric game is merely a silhouette, as are your obstacles. These are placed against colourful backgrounds that make the game a lot more beautiful to look at. Download Badland for iOS and Android from the app stores.


Flappy Bird addiction replacements won't get better than this

Flappy Bird addiction replacements won’t get better than this

Have more Flappy Bird clones you think we’ll enjoy, tell us in the comments section.

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