Do You Guys Know How to Post Videos to Facebook? Yes, We Do!

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One of our favorite recent YouTube videos asks — about ten thousand times — “Do you guys know how to post videos to Facebook?”

Turns out we do! Here’s how to post videos to Facebook.

The easiest method is probably via the mobile app. Both the Android and iOS Facebook apps have options to do this built into the Write Post prompt. Once you’ve shot your video, just tap the gray camera icon below the text box to see a list of your most recently captured photos and videos laid out in grid style. Select the one you want to upload, and you’ll be taken back to the previous screen to input a text caption, if you so desire.


Press Post in the upper-right corner and you’re done.

Doing the same from a desktop computer is equally simple, with the main difference being that, if you captured the video with your smartphone, you’ll have to email it to yourself or hardwire your phone to your computer to move it over. Click in the Update Status text box at the top of your News Feed screen; you’ll see the same gray camera icon from the smartphone app appear. After you click it, you can select a video from your computer and finish up the entry by clicking Post.


One other easy way to post videos to your Timeline is via Instagram (15-second videos only of course). At the last step before creating an Instagram video with the mobile app (on the Share To screen), all you have to do is highlight the Facebook button. Then, after you click the checkmark on the upper-right side, it’ll be sent off for all your friends to “like” the heck out of. Note: The first time you do this, the app may ask to link to your Facebook account, which means you’ll have to sign in with those credentials.


Of course, posting a Web-hosted video to Facebook is a little different, though just as painless. Paste the link to, say, a YouTube video in the status update box on the desktop or in the mobile app, and you should see a rich embedded link to your video, with a preview image, show up in the post that appears on your Timeline.

That about covers it. So why not give it a try? If you want to attempt the last method, we might have a particular YouTube video in mind.