55-inch: Vizio M551d-A2R


This 55-inch Vizio 3-D HDTV, originally priced at $1,200, is a steal below $1,000. PCMag.com lists it as one of the top ten best TVs because of its quality and price. Katzmaier calls it one of the best-performing LED TVs for the money. It’s a thin 1.75 inches, has sleek styling, built-in WiFi, and eight pairs of 3-D glasses, which is rare for any 3-D TV, Ramirez says. And it is selling at $700 less than all but the best 55-inch TVs from Samsung and Sony.

$998 on Amazon.com. See current price.

Read more at http://shopping.yahoo.com/photos/6-great-big-screen-tvs-at-excellent-prices-1391455148-slideshow/6-great-big-screen-tvs-at-excellent-prices-photo-1391455117265.html

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